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About the Directors

Letlotlo Moleko is a Growth Strategist and Apostle Vusi Sambo a preacher and life coach, their message centres around ‘Unleashing the greatness within’. Both are Directors of UpGr8 Treasure Group which offers core services on Personal/Business Development and Marketing/Sales Startegic Consulting.Upgr8 is a brand umbrella under which other opportunities such as clothing , lifestyle products and retail products are sold. Apostle Vusi Sambo Life Coach, they are founders and directors of UpGr8 Treasure Group. 

Letlotlo & Vusi authored a book titled ‘Upgreat Yourself To Greatness’ which is the first of a series of books that centre on the theme of Greatness and how everyone can tap into it now and start making a difference in their lives and societies. They are passionate about personal development and growth and speak to inidivuals and businesses that want to go to the next level of success.
Letlotlo & Vusi’s message to the world brings a new perspective on how individuals, Businessess and Society at large can be re-ignited to pursue the ideals for which they were created.
Letlotlo & Vusi are highly explosive attitude transformers who are tactful in delivery and able to enthuse a crowd. Their passion lies in esnuring that their words echo on in the minds of listeners as they begin their journey to greatness.

‘Don’t wait for the world to recognise your greatness, live it and let the world catch up to you’